If I was an Onion writer for a day…

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My headline article would read something like the following: “Fidel Castro, mass murderer, usurper of the rule of law and the Laws of Nature, manipulator and oppressor of the poor, is mourned by thousands of Western progressive class warriors who ostensibly have devoted their lives and political actions to the needs of the poor.”

I suppose the challenge, however, is that the Onion is brilliant satire while my headline is in fact true –  witness Jill Stein’s Tweet that Castro was a “symbol for the struggle for social justice.” Admittedly, Stein is an absurd kook, but none other than the world’s favorite progressive Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, delivered a ridiculous encomium, calling Castro “remarkable” and a “larger than life leader who served his people.” I would have rearranged that to read, “Castro was remarkablly durable in his ability to pervert justice and rule in maniacal tyranny over Cuba, a man who was larger than life for his crimes against humanity, and who served himself and his inner circle (as long as they could last in it) for as long as he lived…” but hey, that’s just me.

It is of the highest degree of mendacity to pretend that Castro was anything other than the monster that he was. It is also remarkable that the same people who place the CEO of Company X or the oil and gas lobbyist at the pinnacle of the “all that is most evil” pyramid, and who are deathly afraid that Trump is going to eviscerate and plunder America, can on the other hand reserve a soft spot in their heart and openly praise someone with literal blood on his hands. As Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek indicates, this is a special form of perverted ethics, and connects back to an earlier post I made about the modern “men without chests,” who fail the ancient humanitarian and spiritual test of being able to clearly differentiate good from evil.

Meantime, from his eighth level of the Inferno, Vladimir Lenin, recently joined by Fidel Castro, manages to smile from his backward turned head with the knowledge that useful idiots still exist in the West.