We are from the government, and while we created this mess, we are here with a 900 page dictate to help

Price is high

Health and Human Services, ever so helpful, is now taking aim at simplifying patient billing, a problem largely of the government’s own creation due to decades-long healthcare meddling (thanks to my friend Bob for the picture above). A HISTalk post on the hypocrisy of HHS taking this challenge on has a quote that captures the essence of the true underlying reasons for the mess in the first place:

This is the height of hypocrisy. Does CMS think providers on their own created the insane billing requirements and processes? It started with Medicare Part A, then B, then D. Co-payments, deductibles, out of network, referral approvals, contractual allowances, UC charges, and on and on. Next, billing systems will have to deal with VBP, P4P, bundled payments, MACRs, and more. Providers never asked or suggested any of these — they just have to figure out how to carve up charges/costs and services and put it all on a one-page bill. A 1995 analysis found that the Federal Register contains 11,000 pages dealing with an IRS 1040 submission, but hospital billing required 55,000 pages to describe. If CMS really wants to simplify the patient bill, they need to go to a single-payer system. Until they do that (not likely), the patient bill will continue to be the mess it has been for the last 50 years. Who do I call to collect my $5k?

Of course, I wholeheartedly disagree with the author’s prescription to create a single-payer health system as a result. He is inviting the wolf that created the mess in the first place farther into the hen-house and proposing making them even more all-powerful and monopolized. Does he really believe that they will somehow suddenly find sagacious angels to run the system at that point? The real answer is market-based and comprehensive demand and supply side reforms of the kind I captured in a separate blog post.

Here is what I predict: HHS will view a few isolated reform proposals that might work in certain settings but not all, decide that it is something that should be centrally mandated and in fact applicable to all, follow that with the creation of a 900 page unreadable document that hospitals and clinics, in despair, are forced to hire a team of consultants to figure out, but which gets the actual needs of patients and consumer transparency on pricing and outcomes precisely wrong.




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