Exhorting Syrian Refugees to Stay and Fight From the Safety of the Recliner

Every so often I see a post or hear someone ranting on the television that Syrians should stay and fight for their country. I recently read a quote from C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity that I find apropos: “Ever since I served as an infantryman in the First World War I have had a great dislike of people who themselves in ease and safety, issue exhortations to men in the front line. As a result I have a great reluctance to say much about temptations to which I am not exposed.”

The great irony in some of the supercilious comments that I see and hear relate the Syrian fleeing masses to the American founding fathers and how the latter stayed and fought for their country, the irony being that many of these founders had ancestors in large part that fled Europe in search of a land in which they could live more free. Never mind that warfare in those days was a “gentleman’s” affair that happened in the field away from civilians. I can only speculate that if Lord Cornwallis employed barrel bombs and sarin gas on Ye Olde citizens of New York City that we would have seen a lot more internal displacement and refugees, including sturdy men trying to protect their families by fleeing.


One thought on “Exhorting Syrian Refugees to Stay and Fight From the Safety of the Recliner

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